Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grandma's 1934 Diary, Week 3

(To read entries from my maternal grandmother's 1933 and 1934 diary, please click on the tab "Posts by Topic" and then go to the topic "California." All posts are listed there.)


The writer is Ethel Ranney Tapley.
Alice is her sister.
Kenneth is her brother.
Her parents.
H = her boyfriend, Hazel Avery Plumlee
Delma = Hazel's little sister
Earl = Hazel's brother
Verda = Earl's wife
Dorothy Lee = Hazel's niece (Earl's child)
Otho is Otho Hesser, her father's cousin.
Viella is Mary Viella Crites Hesser, Otho's wife.
Ruth & Kathryn are Otho and Viella's daughters.
Uncle Jont is Jonathan Hesser, Otho's father and her father's uncle.
Aunt Kate is Sarah Katherine Hall Hesser, Jonathan's wife and Otho's mother
Herman (Williams) is Alice's husband.

Kenneth's (soon-to-be-ex) wife is also named Alice; her maiden name is unknown.

Sunday, January 14:  "Hazel & I went to town.  We made some ice cream for dinner.  We went to Plumlee's & ball game in afternoon.  Coopers here to dinner.  H. went home with Coopers."

Monday, January 15:  "I went to school.  Dad worked on C.W.A.  Dad is pretty sick.  I don't feel very good."

Tuesday, January 16:  "I went to school.  Dad was home sick was a bad cold.  Kenneth is learning how to build a fire."

Wednesday, January 17:  "I went to school.  Mrs. Kirby was here for dinner, so they didn't come to town as they planned."

Thursday, January 18:  "I went to school.  Kenneth & Mama came after me at noon.  Went to Berdo.  Bought two tires."

Friday, January 19:  "I went to school.  Dad worked on the C.W.A.  Kenneth started for Calexico walking.  I typed in the evening on Hesser's typewriter."
 Saturday, January 20:  "Took Viella's typewriter home.  She was here a min.  Mama sewed.  We went to Yucaipa in evening for groceries."

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