Monday, December 31, 2012

Saying Goodbye... and Hello

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  All my life I have been advised to not wish my life away.  I'm sure many of you were, also.  When we are children, we constantly wish we were older... "I can't wait until I'm 14 and can watch TV shows for that age... I can't wait until I'm 16 and can drive... "I can't wait until I'm 18 and can move out... I can't wait until I'm 21 and can drink."  Then one day we wake up, and we're 45 years old and wonder where did the time go? 

Having said that, however, I must say that I am not sad to see 2012 go.  It has a been tough year for me personally.  A lot of changes and loss.  I am ready to say goodbye... and Hello! to 2013.  I feel sure it will be a better year. 

What I was dealing with during 2012 had a direct impact on my genealogy research... or lack thereof.  I only made 80 posts on this blog as compared to 236 the previous year.  There were no blog posts published between April and September.  There was very little active research done.  I didn't attend Scanfest or any conferences.  I didn't read genealogy blogs.  I didn't answer e-mails from "new" cousins, and I didn't keep a check on my DNA matches.  I was definitely wasting huge hunks of my life!

But as they say... Onward and Upward!  Here are a few accomplishments from last year as well as some goals for the coming new year:

1)  Cousin Keith's family tree

2012:  I set up Keith's family tree in Family Tree Maker by pulling a vast portion of my tree over.  That made it easier.  I added in individuals from his mother's side.  Then I published his tree to  In this way, his DNA matches can look at the tree and possibly find the connecting lines. 

2013:  Plan to finish entering family members from his mother's side into FTM and then syncing them to his tree.  Will continue collaborating with another genealogy researcher who is more schooled in DNA to help Keith find matches.  Also plan to work toward getting Keith set up with his own genealogy software program so he can be more self-sufficient in his research and retrieving information already found. 

2)  North Carolina Archive Research

2012:  Made only one trip to the North Carolina Archives even though I live less than 30 minutes from there.  Made copies of several 18th and 19th century deeds pertaining to my Drake line. 

2013:  Make more visits to the Archives and pursue research on my Swain line.

3) research

2012:  Did not have a membership for most of this year, so I was unable to do any in depth research on the site.  I did take advantage of viewing the 1940 census.

2013:  With my new membership, I hope to spend hours researching all my family lines, in addition to digging deeper into Keith's. 

4)  Google Earth

2013:  Want to learn how to use this program to map my ancestors' trek, if not from overseas, then at least across the United States.

5)  Blog reading

2013:  Begin to read my favorite genealogy blogs once again.

6)  DNA

2013:  Get back to my DNA results and touch base with people who have sent me messages or shared their results with me.

I could add a lot more, but I don't want to overwhelm myself!  Of course the #1 goal:  Have fun and enjoy the ride!  

So here's to 2013 being a generally better and more productive year!

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday's Obituary: Bentley Allen Lampp

The Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, Georgia, April 18, 1998

Bentley Allen "B.A." Lampp was my first cousin.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What Did Santa Bring You?

From Randy over at Genea-Musings:

Dear genealogists everywhere, it's Saturday Night!  Time for some Genealogy FUN.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1) What gift that you received for Christmas is your favorite for genealogy purposes? Book, magazine, hardware, software, website subscription, research time, DNA test - what was it, and how will it affect your genealogy research?

2) Tell us about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a comment to this blog post, or in a comment on Facebook or Google+ in response to this post.

 Come on, spill!  And it's OK to respond to this in the days after Saturday too!

1)  The gift that I received for Christmas this year that is my favorite for genealogy purposes is... the six month World Explorer membership on!!  Yes, I got (more!) than I asked for.  Once it starts (I am hoping that is January 1), I will be hunched over my computer every hour that I am not at work, making the most of my six months!  

It will help me tremendously in my genealogy research cause I will actually be able to do some in depth research from home again.  I can attach census records to my tree.  I can spend hours looking through the census, social security death, birth, military, and all other records the site has to offer.  And maybe with the World membership, I can finally take the Tapleys back "across the pond."  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  I'm VERY excited.

2)  Done!

3)  Done! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Recipe Friday: Mom's Cornbread

My mother's cornbread is legendary.  Everyone loves it.  Anyone who has eaten at her table raves about it and inevitably wants the recipe.  The irony is that no one believes how simple the recipe is.  How could something that taste so good have only three bland ingredients?!  Now everyone, or least the southern cooks I know, makes their cornbread a little differently.  Some add egg, some add oil, some even bake it.  My mother's is even more simple than that.  However, there are a couple of tricks that make it what it is. 

Linda's cornbread

Approximately 3 tablespoons of cornmeal
Approximately 1 tablespoon of self-rising flour
Enough water to make a paste, but not too much

Drop by tablespoon fulls into hot cooking oil in a cast iron frying pan.

Cook to a golden brown on each side.  

Makes about 4-5 pieces.  Adjust quantities in the proper ratios as needed.

Did you catch the secret ingredients?  Or the "tricks" I referenced earlier?  It's the self-rising flour and the cast iron frying pan.  Now not many of us cook with cast iron anymore, with all the smooth top stoves out there.  However, I can tell you from personal experience, it makes all the difference in the world.  My cornbread, cooked in a regular aluminum frying pan is good, but it's not great like my mom's. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

This blog will be on hiatus for the next week (more or less) in order for the author to celebrate the holiday with her mother in Georgia. 

Please enjoy a wonderful Christmas with lots of love, peace, and joy.  
(Oh! and genealogy!)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Ethel, Alice & Kenneth Ranney

My grandmother, Ethel, as a baby, along with her siblings, Alice and Kenneth, circa 1914

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Bennett Claxton

Bennett Claxton
b July 2 1865
 d Aug 13 1942

laid to rest at
Nails Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Jefferson County, Georgia

Husband of
Mary Tyson Claxton

son of
Zachariah and Temperance Powell Claxton

Bennett was my 1st cousin, 3x removed.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: Richard Drake Deed

"To all to whom these presence shall come greeting Know ye that I Richard Drake of the County of Nash and state of North carolina  For certain causes me hereunto moveing have given granted bargained and by these presence do give grant and Confirm unto William Flemmons Jn'r of the County and State aforesaid a certain parcel or Tract of Land lying and being in the County aforesaid lying on the Head Waters of Town Creek and Bounded as follows Beginning at a Pine Winstead corner and running North three hundred and ninety six poles to a corner pine in Vivisetts line thence along said Vivesetts line South forty degrees west one hundred & Ten Poles to a Maple and pine thence South three Hundred and Twelve poles to a red Oak thence East to the first Station Containing by Estimation One hundred & fifty acres be the same more or Less worth all and Singular the appearances thereunto belonging To have and to hold the said tract of Land and premises unto the said William Flemmons Jn'r, his heirs & assigns forever, and the Said Richard Drake for himself his heirs Executors & Admin's this afores'd Tract of Land and premises unto the afores'd William Flemmons his heirs and assigns shall and will Warrant and [?] Defend by these presents In Witness whereof the said Richard Drake hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his Seal this 7th Day of May 1819 the said Richard Drake hath before the Delivering of this aforesaid Tract of Land made an Exception of a Certain Grave Yard ten feet by fourteen feet square

Signed Sealed and Delivered

Richard Drake {Seal}

In presence of
J Shaun Daniel
Benjamin Crumples

{Nash County { February Term 1820
{the foregoing Deed of Gift was Exhibited
{In Open Court for propate and an Motion Ordered to be recorded
{And is Recorded By
[?] Ellen PR"

Nash County [North Carolina] Real Estate Conveyances, 1816-1829, Vols. 10, 11, 12, Microfilm C.069.40004, Vol. 10 page 130.

 Richard Drake was my 4th great-grandfather.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday's Obituary: Bennett Claxton

Mr. Claxton Rites Today

Laurens Citizen Died Last Night At Kite

Funeral services for Bennett Claxton, 77, of Route 3 Dublin, who died Thursday night at the home of a son, J. J. Claxton at Kite, were held this afternoon at Nail Creek Church near Bartow, the Rev. Sidney Claxton of Swainsboro and the Rev. Grover F. Tyner Sr. of Dublin officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery, with Adams Funeral Home of Dublin in charge.

Mr. Claxton, a farmer, was a native of Washington County. He was a member of the Baptist Church and was highly regarded by those who knew him. He had been in ill health for about three years.

Surviving are his wife, who before her marriage was Miss Mary Tyson; two daughters, Mrs. Annie Mae Rowland of Wrightsville and Mrs. Ester Williams of Kite; and four sons, Joe Claxton of Millen, J. J. Claxton of Kite, B. L. Claxton of Dublin Route 3, and M. L. Claxton of Wrightsville.

The Dublin Courier-Herald, Dispatch & Press 8-14-1942

File at:

Bennett Claxton was my 1st cousin, 3x removed.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Mary Tyson Claxton

Mary Tyson Claxton
b May 16, 1872
d April 2, 1953

laid to rest at
Nails Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Jefferson County, Georgia

Wife of 
Bennett Claxton

Daughter of 
William Joseph and Lucinda Johnson Tyson

Mary was the wife of my 1st cousin, 3x removed.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: Will of Archibald Odom

"In the [?] of [?] [?] I Archibald Oadum of Emanuel County and State of Georgia being of sound and disposing mind and memory and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength so to do do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore made I give my soul to God who gave it and my body I desire to be buried in the family burying ground and my worldly estate I dispose of as follows
1st I bequeath to my beloved Son M N Oadum the plantation on which I now reside and apperturances thereto belonging together with all the lands belonging to me at my decease also our Bed and its furniture and one cloth Loom one yoke of Oxen and cart one young sorrel mare also one cart shugar mill and two boilers.
2nd I bequeath unto my beloved Elizabeth wife one buggy one sorrel mare in foal and if the colt should be a mule it should belong to M N Oadum according previous arrangements otherwise it will go with the mare one Bed and furniture and all the kichen furniture all of which mentioned in Item (2) is to be sold and divided equally between the following mentioned heirs at her death namely M N Oadum Aron G Oadum R A Oadum Luseria Helbern heirs [?] Octavius I Hilbern and Elizus Hilburn
3rd I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Barwick and to the heirs of her body all the Stock of cattle now in her possion.
4th I bequeath to the heirs of Elijah S Oadum deceased whose names are as follows Elizabeth Harrel Julian B Hutcherson Catharine Harold Eliza Jane Hutcheson Delila Hutcheson Anderson W Oadum Archibald W Oadum Bennett W Oadum Emery S Oadum Nancy Smith Mary Oadum Elefair Watts Eliza Oadum the sum of five dollars
5th I bequeath the sum of five dollars to the heirs of Winney Barwick whose names are as follows Elizabeth [?] [?] Foskey [?] [?] Jane Barwick Nathan Barwick Ser[?] Barwick Martha Barwick Nathan Barwick William Barwick Luraura Barwick Delpha Barwick
6th I bequeath to my grand daugher Eliza E Hutohrn one Bed and furniture and Bedstead also one trunk with its contents
7th I bequeath all my cattle sheep and my horse bridle and Saddle to M N Oadum A G Oadum R A Oadum Octavus I Hilburn & Elizas Hilbern to be disposed of in the following [?] M N Oadum A G Oadum and R A Oadum may share equally and may divide agreeable to their wishes Octavius I Hilbern & Elizas E Hilbern will share one forth of the property mentioned in this Item which being turned into money should be subject to the controll and management of M N Oadum who[?] I hereby appoint their trustee.
8th I hereby constitute and appoint my beloved son R A Oadum my executor to this my last will and testament
In witness whereof I the said Archibald Oadum to this my will have set my hand and seal this 17th March one thousand eight hundred and seventy three 1873.

Archibald Oadum (SS)

agreed sealed published and disclosed in the [?] above Archibald Oadum as his last will and testament in presence of us who at his request in presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto

David Teson of Emanuel
F M Drake   " Johnson
H C Hall of Johnson

Georgia Emanuel County
  Personally came before me at chambers David Teson H C Hall and being sworn depose to and sayeth that they saw Archibald Oadum sign and publish the within as his last will and testament while of sound and disposing [?] that they witnessed the same for him at his request and in his pressence and of each other and that the same was presented voluntarily by him on the day is perposes to be [?] herein executed.

David Teson
H C Hall

Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sept 8th 1873
John C Coleman

Emanuel Court of Ordinary November Term 1873. severally came into court at this regular time of the court Daniel Tyson F M Drake & H C Hall and being duly sworn deposes and say that they saw Archibald Oadum sign and publish the within as his last will and trestament while of sound and disposing mind that they witnessed the same for him at his request and in the presence of each other and that the same was executed voluntarily by him on the day it purports to have been executed

Sworn to and subscribed                                 
in open court Nov 3rd 1873.
  John C Coleman
    Ord. EC.

David Tyson
L. M. Drake
H.C. Hall"

 Archibald Odom was my 4th great grandfather.  This will was a tough one to transcribe. I apologize for all the [?]'s.  Some words would not become clear no matter how many times I came back to them or how long I stared at them.  This will also made it clear that I need to do quite a bit more research on his descendants as many of the names are unfamiliar to me.  Hopefully, after researching, I will be able to update some of the names listed.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday's Obituary: Mary Tyson Claxton

The Dublin Courier Herald 4-3-1953

                       Mrs. Claxton Rites Saturday

 Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Tyson Claxton, 80, of Wrightsville Route 1,will be held Saturday, April 4, at three pm from Nails Creek Baptist Church with Dr. Rufus D. Hodges and Rev. Sidney Claxton officiating with Adams Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

 Pallbearers will be grandsons, Pearly Claxton, M. L. Calxton Jr., Lamar Claxton, Bobby Joe Claxton, Billy Claxton, and Franklin Claxton.

 Mrs. Claxton, the widow of the late Bennett Claxton, died April 2 in a Dublin hospital, following two weeks illness. She was born and reared in Johnson County and had resided at her present address for a number of years. She was a well known matron of Johnson County and throughout this section. She was a member of the Nails Creek Baptist Church.

 Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Annie Mae Rowland of Wrightsville and Mrs. Rufus Williams of Kite; three sons, Zack J. Claxton of Bartow, Bennie L.Claxton of Wrightsville Route 1, and Milton Claxton of Wrightsville; 29 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; 2 great-great-grandchildren; nephews,Dr. E. B. Claxton, Dr. M. Z. Claxton, Rev. J. L. Claxton, all of Dublin, and many other nieces, nephews, and other relatives.

File at:

Mary Tyson Claxton was the wife of my 1st cousin, 3x removed.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fun(ny) - My Tapley Tree... Family Crossword

This is more fun than funny:


3. Gilbert Tapley is buried in this cemetery
4. Where genealogists look for dead people
5. Genealogy tool used to find ancestors and where
      they lived every 10 years
8. Georgia county where Tapleys are from
9. My paternal grandmother
11. The branch of the military my maternal grandfather
     served in... twice


1. The town in Connecticut the Ranneys originated
2. Exum Drake owned land in this North Carolina County
3. My most wanted relative
4. My maternal grandfather
6. My maternal grandmother's maiden name
7. Cousin who found me through this blog
10. My first name

 Make your own puzzle at!

I'll publish the answers tomorrow in a comment to this post!