Monday, October 22, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: Hosea Tapley Jr's Will

"North Carolina,
Orange County

  This day came Victory Rankins before me & made oath that she was at Hosea Tapley Jun. some few days before he died in his Sickness and being in his proper senses said that it was his desire that the Part of Land & Plantation the South Side of Flat River where on He then  lived was for his Son John Pryor Tapley and the other part on the North Side of Said River was for his other Son Hosea Tapley which this Exception that if his wife was with child and should be a Son when Born that his desire the land might be divided in Three Eaqul Parts for them & that he dyed on the 21the of March in the Year 1770 Sworn before me this 22th day of March 1770.

                                                                        Victory Rankins
             John Pryor

                                                                 Test  F. Nash"

 Source:  Orange County Clerk of Superior Court Record of Wills, Volume A, 1752-1788, p. 125; Orange County (North Carolina) Record of Wills, 1752-1795, Vols. A, B; North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina.

The finding of this will on a trip to the Archives last week has upset the apple cart, so to speak, on the order I have always believed the various Hosea Tapleys were born.  I will need to do more research, but I had the children mentioned in the above will as belonging to Hosea Tapley III, not Hosea Jr.

Hosea Tapley Jr. was my 5th great grand uncle. 

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  1. The suffix of "Jr/Jun" does not necessarily indicate he was the 2nd Hosea Tapley born. Usually a "Jr" meant there was an older man by the same name living in the same area and he was probably called "Sr." People used "Jr" and "Sr" to differentiate between the older and younger but they could have been uncle / nephew, father / son, cousins or not related at all.