Monday, November 29, 2010

Motivation Monday: My Genealogy Goals for this Week

Life keeps getting in the way of my fun stuff!  Even when it doesn't, I tend to get in my own way, getting bogged down reading e-mails or looking at Facebook or whatever else on the computer while time just slips away.

I saw this idea over at Geneabloggers and Finding Josephine and thought it was a great idea!  Set a few realistic goals for genealogy items I would like to get done in a given week.  I am hopeful it will keep me on task.

Goals for this week:

  •   Continue to transcribe three pages of Upper Houses per day.  (22 pages left in the current section)
  •   Research the family tree information I found on to help verify the facts.  Enter any verified information into my FTM 2011.
  •   Do some genealogy filing.
  •   Scan the photo of my husband's great-grandfather that has been on my desk for weeks.
Those seem doable.  Now, I just need to make such a list for my scrapbooking... and housecleaning...and Christmas... etc., etc., etc.

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  1. I don't know about you but Christmas HAS to be a priority for me. I am a terrible shopper, a slow decorator, a sloppy package wrapper, and I'm not motivated to bake cookies and such. All the family comes to my house every year so my goals must be to get my house (and yard) more presentable than it is right now and get out and get those gifts. So much to do, so little time. And I have such a hard time putting aside my genealogy and end up staying up late at night to work on it in peace. We will have to wish each other luck with our goals, good luck to you with yours!