Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's Obituary: Nealie Drake Tapley

This is my paternal grandmother's obituary.  Of course, whoever cut it out of the paper did not indicate what newspaper or the date... I can just guess it is from the Augusta Chronicle since she died in Augusta, Georgia on July 4, 1970.  I am not sold on the complete accuracy of this obituary... she lived in Jefferson County, but I wouldn't call her a native. Three of the sons listed, James, Charles, and Champ, were actually step-sons, but I am sure the family chose not to make that distinction... she raised the boys from a young age. 

I was only three years old when my grandmother passed away.  I only have one memory of her... that is going to her apartment in Augusta and her serving me cookies.  I remember being intimidated by her... and I have been told this is an accurate description of her.  She was the quintessential Southern lady... strong-willed, hard-working, church-going, and loved her children with the fierceness of any mama bear. 

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