Saturday, November 20, 2010

Surname Saturday: Ranney

Since it appears that I am starting my Tapley blog with references to Ranney, I figured I would continue the trend on this, my first "Surname Saturday" post.

The surname Ranney is from Scotland.  It is a variant of Rannie, Rainy, Rany, Ranye, Raynie, Reny, and Ryne.  The family's origin was as a sept during the 15th century of the clan MACDONELL of Keppoch in Scotland.

"Clan" was the name applied to a group of Kinsman united under a chief and claiming a common ancestry.  They lived as one great family on the lands they possessed.  The clansmen or septs supported their chief with remarkable loyalty.

Clan Septs comprise those who were descended from the Chief through the female line and consequently bore a different surname; and those who sought and obtained the protection of the Clan and became dependents. Anyone who has an ancestor bearing a Sept name, or the Clan name itself, has the privilege of wearing or displaying the Crest Badge and the tartan of the clan.
   Sources: The Surnames of Scotland, The New York Public Library, p. 684; Scots Kith & Kin, Albyn Press Ltd., Publisher, p, 41, 49, 65-66; and Septs of the Scottish Clans web site at

The first Ranney ancestor in my family's line to come to America was Thomas Rany, born 1616 in Montrose, Scotland.  He "was admitted an inhabitant of Middletown (Connecticut) and granted a home there, February 9, 1658, next to that of Thomas Hopewell; who lived on the corner of Main and Church Streets.  In 1663 he had located to what is now Cromwell Ct.; he frequently held town offices."
     Source:  The Hamlin Family, A Genealogy of Capt. Giles Hamlin of Middletown, Connecticut, 1654-1900 by Hon. H. Franklin Andrews, 1900.

Thomas Rany was my 9th Great-Grandfather.  

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