Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Done!

The Ranney transcription that I have literally been working on for YEARS is finished!  I sent the last section (generation) off earlier this evening.  What a feeling of accomplishment!  (And please no one ask me to transcribe anything else for a long, long while!  LOL)

I hope it helps someone with their Ranney research.  The link to the index is here.

I also made that call to my grand uncle's (Kenneth Carter Ranney) step-daughter this week!  Go me!  I hate cold calling, and I really have to wait until the mood hits me.  The call did not go as well as I hoped; of course when someone gets a call like that from a stranger, their first thoughts are "Who IS this person?" and "What do they WANT?"  I think more than anything she felt she needed to defend her care of my uncle in his later years.  I have no doubt she took excellent care of him, and we were not in touch with him at that time, so who are we to judge?  I was really hoping she had his death certificate that I could get a copy of, but from the feel of the call, I did not think it was best to ask about it.  I will just wait until Texas makes his death certificate available to non-next of kin relatives in 2014. 

I am thinking that I will send his step-daughter a follow up note, just thanking her for her time, etc. 

I have been spending a lot of time researching again this week.  There are some branches that I got a few leads on and I wanted to look into those.  I found out a lot of information, but I swear for every new piece of information you find, you also find a new mystery! 

It's been a fruitful week.  I am sure I will keep on digging to find out more!

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