Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday's Obituary: Charlie Schwalls

Thanks to Jen over at Climbing my Family Tree, I joined and have spent almost every waking hour this weekend scouring what they have so I can add to my family tree! I have hit pay dirt several times over (!!), including this one from The Augusta Chronicle dated August 9, 1978:

All the years I was growing up in Swainsboro, Rufus Schwalls lived down the hill from us, and I knew he was related to my mother somehow.  From reading this blog, you may have already figured out that the Schwalls line is the one I have the most brick walls in... so I never could figure out just how Rufus fit into our family tree.  Finally, this one obituary, that lists among Charlie Schwalls' survivors, "mother, Mrs. Lester Schwalls" and "brother, Rufus Schwalls" made it clear to me.  I know who Mr. Lester Schwalls was, the son of my "Most Wanted" ancestor, George W. Schwalls, but I did not have any information on who his wife and children were.

So now I know.  Rufus was definitely our cousin.  And now I can explain how!

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  1. So excited that you're making some good finds on Genealogy Bank!! :)