Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos from NGS and Charleston

As promised, here are the few photos I got from NGS plus a couple from our visit to Ft. Sumter on Sunday.

Patty Roy, DearMRYTLE, and me
Drew Smith and me
DearMYRTLE, Tami Glatz, and me

Kim von Aspern, DearMYRTLE, and me (how did I always end up on the right?!)

Jennifer and Ellie Woods being interviewed by PBS

Linda McCauley, Cherie Cayemberg, Ginger Smith, and me 
Here I am at Ft Sumter with Charleston in the background and the sun in my eyes.

Leaving Ft. Sumter


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing so we could enjoy some of the conference, too.

  2. Great Photos! Looks like you had a great time and great company!

  3. Thanks for posting those Liz!! :)