Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Lola Mae Tapley Powell Dawson

Lola Mae Tapley (Powell) Dawson
born 1891*
died May 9, 1964
laid to rest at Hillcrest Memorial Park, Augusta, Georgia

Daughter of Franklin Morgan Tapley and Laney Minton Tapley
Widow of Virgil Powell
Mother of Virgil Williard Powell
Wife of Jack Dawson

 * For an unknown reason, Frank and Laney Tapley are listed on the 1900 census as having been married 10 years and that Laney is the mother of 4 children, but none of their children are listed with them!  I have been unable to locate any of the children on the 1900 census.  On the 1910 census, Lola is listed as being 19 years old.  She married Virgil Powell in 1912, so if she had been born in 1905 as her headstone indicates, she would have only been 7 years old at the time of this marriage and 11 years old when her child was born.  In the 1920 census, she is listed as being 28 years old.  Therefore, I believe my records are correct and she was born closer to 1891 than 1905. 

I wrote a Sunday's Obituary post about Lola here.  You can read there about the troubles she endured during her lifetime.  I have a soft spot for Lola, probably because of all she went through in her life.  That is why it bothers me that troubles appear to have followed her into death, such as an incorrect birth date on her tombstone.  And the fact that she is buried by herself at Hillcrest.  Her first husband and son are buried in Johnson County.  Her second husband is not buried alongside her.  Also, my mother and I first visited her grave about three months ago, and her headstone was covered in dirt and grass.  I did not have any tools with me at the time to clean it.  As it had rained recently, I surmised that was the reason for the condition and the perpetual care cemetery where she is buried would take care of it.  When my mother and I went back last Saturday, the grave was still in the same condition as three months ago.  The difference is this time, I had tools with me, and Mom and I cleaned Lola's headstone well enough to take photographs.

At least she is in a nice location within view of the fountain:

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