Monday, July 18, 2011

Which Traits are you Passing Down?

The idea for this post came from Marian's Roots & Rambles blog. 

It's always neat to find common interests, vocations, or physical traits that we share with our ancestors.  My father told me that I walk just like his mother.  I am one in a long line of cat lovers which includes my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother. 

If you could leave a note for your descendants, which traits would you tell them about yourself?  Now I do not have children, but I do have nieces and nephews, and I see myself in them.  I am fond of stating "He/She gets that from me" about any one of them when they say or do something familiar.

"Dear future generations,

While I will never meet you in person, I am happy to know that many of you carry a piece of me, whether it be a physical trait or a personality quirk.  I'd like to share some things you may have gotten from me: 

Thick hair.  So thick that combs have broken while trying to go through it.  It is heavy, hard to style, and has a mind of its own.  So if you have thick hair, you may have gotten that from me.

My love of animals.  I do not like to see any animal hurt (especially the non-predatory kind).  They are the most innocent of beings and domestic animals depend on humans for their well-being.  My home has always been open to cats, dogs, and even fish.  If you love animals, you probably got that from me.

My interest in history and genealogy.  If you find yourself visiting historic sites on vacations or staying up until the wee hours of morning searching through online census records, then you may have inherited my obsession.  This will be maddening and time consuming, but well worth it.  Trust me. 

There are many other things about me you may have inherited... My love of potatoes, Mexican food, and McDonald's french fries; my bluntness; my sarcastic sense of humor; my loyalty to those I love; my inherent kindness and generosity; my temper; my moodiness; or my ability to organize.  Embrace these things. 


Your ancestor, 

Aunt Lizzie"


  1. "My home has always been open to cats, dogs, and even fish." Don't forget the lizards!

  2. Great letter Liz! Glad you decided to write your own!