Friday, September 16, 2011

Grandma's Diary, Parts 34 and 35

(To read prior entries from my maternal grandmother's 1933 diary, please click on the tab "Posts by Topic" and then go to the topic "California." All posts are listed there.)


The writer is Ethel Ranney Tapley.
Alice is her sister.
Kenneth is her brother.
Her parents.
H = her boyfriend, Hazel Avery Plumlee
Delma = Hazel's little sister
Earl = Hazel's brother
Verda = Earl's wife
Dorothy Lee = Hazel's niece (Earl's child)
Otho is Otho Hesser, her father's cousin.
Viella is Otho's wife.
Ruth & Kathryn are Otho and Viella's daughters.
Uncle Jont is Jonathan Hesser, Otho's father and her father's uncle.
Aunt Kate is Sarah Katherine Hall Hesser, Jonathan's wife and Otho's mother
Herman (Williams) is Alice's boyfriend.

Sunday, August 27: "I packed peaches at Symmes. We sure worked hard, I packed 214 boxes. Herman went home. H. stayed all night at our house."

Monday, August 28: "I packed peaches at Symmes. Alice & dad worked at Shultzs. I was sick for awhile in the morning. I helped Alice finish up at Shultzs."

Tuesday, August 29: "Alice's birthday. Alice, Dad & I worked at Shultzs. Sure were tired in the eve. Laura & Everett & a boy were here to supper."

Wednesday, August 30: "Alice, Dad & I worked at Shultzs. Got off at 3 & went to Berdo. I bought a suit & coat. Alice got a coat. Coming home the starter wouldn't work. Lights burnt out & I knocked 15 bags of our packed peaches with car. Finished packing."

Thursday, August 31: "We worked at Shultz's. I sure got all in."

Friday, September 1: "I started to work at Sultz's & H. came. Mrs. Becker took my place & H. fixed the car. Herman came about noon & helped Alice at Shultz's in the afternoon. H. was here to supper."

Saturday, September 2: "We washed. Alice & Herman went to Los Angeles. The axle broke in the back of our car. I went to the show with Lucile, Addie & Dot. R. I stayed all night at Luciles."

Sunday, September 3: "Lucile brot me up after the car. Kenneth came up about 4 am. He has a Ford V8. 1932. H. & I went for a ride in the afternoon, Clara & Barney were with us."

Monday, September 4: "Kenneth went home about 2 am. I packed peaches at Symmes. Alice came home 1 pm. We finished. Haleo at Symmes. Kenneth got married in Yuma."**

**This last sentence was written in a different pen... like it was added later. Probably the family did not know Kenneth was getting married or that he had gotten married until later.

Tuesday, September 5: "Alice & I packed at Shultzs. Dad picked. Viella was here a little while in the afternoon."

Wednesday, September 6: "We went to town in the morning. We packed peaches in the afternoon. I went to Yucaipa in eve. H. wasn't home. I was at Trowbridge's for a few minutes."

Thursday, September 7: "Alice & I packed Shultz's from 9 on. Dad worked at home. Mama made fig jam & peach pickles."

Friday, September 8: "We worked at Shultz's till noon. Went to a shower for Alice at Hesser's. We went back to work at Shultz's but he told us to finish tomorrow."

Saturday, September 9: "I finished up at Shultz's about noon. Herman came & he & Alice filed their intentions to wed. H. does not feel very, legs are badly sun burnt. We went to Berdo. Paid Fooshee."

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