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Bessie Carter Ranney's 1929 Diary - Week 7, February 17-23

(To read entries from my maternal great-grandmother's 1929 diary, please click on the tab "Posts by Topic" and then go to the topic "California." All posts are listed there.)
The Players:

The writer is Bessie Carter Ranney, my great-grandmother.  She was 46 at the time of this writing.
Her husband:
Luther Boardman Ranney, my great-grandfather.  He was 59 at the time of this writing.
 Her children:
Kenneth.  He was 20 at the time of this writing.
Alice.  She was 18 at the time of this writing.
Ethel, my grandmother.  She was 16 at the time of this writing.
Viella Crites Hesser, wife of Luther's first cousin, Otho Hesser

Jonathan Elisha "Uncle Jon't" Hesser & his wife, Sarah Catherine "Aunt Kate" Hall Hesser, Luther's uncle and aunt and Otho's parents.
Sunday, February 17, 1929:  "The girls and I went to Sun. School.  Went on a drive to Mentone afterwards.  Came home & had dinner.  Drove to Highland to call on Evelyn Ray but she wasn't home.  Came back & called at Uncle Jont's & the hospital to see Nora & Mrs. Perry then went to R.H. Sanitarium & called on Mona Espy.  Then went to Vespers came home and had lunch then Luther & I went to the Church in the evening."

Monday, February 18, 1929:  "It rained so L. couldn't work.  He set the pansy plants & hydaranga & slipped the carnations & set out gladoli bulbs.  I washed even if it did rain.  Cleaned up bathrooms & 2 bedrooms.  Sewed & fixed clothes in the afternoon.  Girls went up to see Nora & L. to the dentist.  Made a long call on the Misses Hoag."

Tuesday, February 19, 1929:  "Still wet so L. didn't work but not rainy.  Baked & cleaned up house, washed sitting & bedroom curtains and ironed some.  Luther & I got the girls at 3 o'clock & then he & I went to the Orange Show.  Got home at 7 & went to Woessener's until 11 o'clock.  Sat up & finished 'Silas Bradford's boy by Lincoln after that."

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Wednesday, February 20, 1929:  "Gave sitting room a good cleaning, washed windows etc.  In the afternoon Mrs. Woessner took me over to call on Miss Woodbury at Riverside.  Her brother very ill.  Came home and called on Mrs. Pettibone & Mrs. Grigsby.  We went over to Bruce's for K. & L's. smudging wages.  After supper Lucille was here and took me to the library and hospital to see Nora.  While there Mr. Espy was brought in badly injured in an auto accident."

Thursday, February 21, 1929:  "Worked all forenoon.  Got the sitting room & bedroom curtains up.  Went up town in the afternoon.  Called on Nora & Mrs. Perry at the hospital.  Called on Pearsons on the way home.  Kenneth took them to the hospital last night." 

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Friday, February 22, 1929:  "Stayed at home & worked in the forenoon.  Got the dining room curtains all ironed & back up.  Kenneth took me to the Church at 1:30.  Luther went to have his teeth fixed up.  Worked at the church for States dinner.  We had our supper first & got to sit in dining room & hear the program as 5 dish washers were hired.  Alice waited on table and Luther, Kenneth & Ethel sat at Mich. table."

Saturday, February 23, 1929:  "Girls and I worked hard to have all nice for luncheon at 1 o'clock.  The Misses Hoag, Mrs. Pettibone, Mrs. Grigsby & Mrs. Hammond were here.  Mrs. Vogt & Mrs. Woessener couldn't come.  Had a nice time & it was very successful.  Girls went to hospital to see Nora.  She is going home Sun.  Kenneth helped move Mr. Espy home from hospital at noon & was at Pearson's in the eve."

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