Thursday, February 24, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Technology

Week 8: Technology. What are some of the technological advances that happened during your childhood? What types of technology to you enjoy using today, and which do you avoid?

My childhood was from about 1973 (age 6 - when strong memories first begin) to 1985 when I graduated high school.  I really don't remember very many "techie" things around my house growing up.  Daddy believed in spending money on cars, not gadgets.  I was an adult before I ever saw a computer.  However, there are two technological inventions that stick out in my mind. 

First was the cassette tape.  I vaguely remember my parents still using 8-track tapes when I was really young, but I made full use of cassette tapes.  I had a tape recorder, and I would hold it up to the stereo speaker to record my favorite songs off the radio and onto my cassette tapes. 

The other items is the microwave oven.  For whatever reason, the day Daddy went out and bought one (at Sears, of course!) for my mom is etched into my mind.  It was August 4, 1984, and that microwave was HUGE and cost $400!!  The microwave was probably the one thing that changed our household the most.  I mean, every kitchen now is not complete without one.  My father used one almost every day until the day Mom retired.  I use ours probably every day. 

Now today is a different story.  I love technology and I love gadgets.  I have a GPS, a DVR, two desktop computers, a laptop, an iPhone, a Kindle, digital camera, an all-in-one wide format printer/scanner/fax, a scanner for my negatives, a stand-alone fax machine, a portable hard drive, an external hard drive, five cordless phones, DVD Player/Recorder, a TV/DVD player combo, a MP3 player, a speaker for my MP3 player, and probably several other items I can't think of right now.  I use and love them all. 

I really can't think of anything I avoid... except I have balked at spending the money on gaming systems or HiDef TV.  Just don't need them... I have plenty to keep me busy!

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