Friday, February 11, 2011

Grandma's Diary, Part 5

(You can read prior entries from my grandmother's 1933 diary here:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4)

Key:   The writer is Ethel Ranney Tapley.
          Alice is her sister.
          H = her boyfriend, Hazel Avery Plumlee
          Otho is Otho Hesser, her father's cousin.
          Viella is Otho's wife.
          Uncle Jont is Jonathan Hesser, Otho's father and her father's uncle.

Sun., February 5:  "Alice, Dad & I went to Sunday School.  H. came over.  We went up to Plumlees.  Bernice's came over for little while.  H. & I went to the show."

Mon.., February 6:  "Mama & I worked & ironed.  I drew off quilt blocks.  Cooper was over for a few minutes.  H. was over for a little while."

Tues., February 7:  "Mama & I went to Pences & quilted.  Mrs. Miller & Clara were there.  We saw Babe & Norma Vogt.  H. came over & we went over to Trowbridges & invited them over for Thursday."

Wed., February 8:  "Mama finished a dress for me (made by hand).  Mama & I worked hard to clean up the hourse.  We went to Hessers a few min.  H. came over."

Thurs., February 9:  "Mama's birthday.  Mama & I went over to Hessers for the day.  In the evening we had Cathearts, Hessers, Trowbridges & Hazel over."

Fri., February 10:  "Mama & I washed & pieced blocks.  Mrs. Balls eggs were stolen.  H. came over & Alice & I went with him to Beaumont to see Delma."

Sat., February 11:  "We ironed today & pieced quilt blocks.  We got 10 eggs up at Mrs. Balls.  H. came over, he didn't work as he is sick.  I believe it's the flu."

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