Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Irene Tapley Thomas

Irene Tapley Thomas
(interesting note - She did not have a middle name.)
DOB July 25, 1925
DOD April 15, 2004
buried at
Rowland Cemetery
near Chester in Dodge County, Georgia

It was a beautiful day here in Georgia on Saturday, so we took a road trip down to Dodge County to find my Aunt Irene's grave.  She was my father's sister.  We went right to it even though it a long way out in the country - almost an hour south of Macon.  I can't image driving in a funeral possession that far!  It's a beautiful little cemetery, with many unmarked graves.  

To demonstrate just how far out in the country it is, here is a picture of the street signs for the nearest crossroads.

East Chicken Rd - LOL.  You've got to love it!

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