Monday, February 28, 2011

Mappy Monday: Department of Transportation Maps

Recently I discovered Department of Transportation (DOT) maps.  How I lived 43 years without knowing the usefulness of them for the average genealogist, I do not know!

These county maps show roads, whether they are paved or unpaved, and most importantly to me, they show cemetery locations.  Even those cemeteries out in the woods, on a dirt road, that you only have vague directions to, from some family history book you read. They also show the locations of courthouses, city halls, libraries, schools, national parks, etc., depending on the county.

For those of who do volunteer photographs for FindAGrave, these maps can be very helpful in finding a small, country cemetery that has no address listed on the site.  

The Georgia DOT offers the first map for free, and they even include a recent highway map with your order.  Their site from which to order is here.  You can also download county maps here, but I prefer the LARGE version that I can take with me when I cemetery hop.

Here is the downloaded map of Johnson County, Georgia in .pdf format:  Of course, you can enlarge the map to see all the details.

I have ordered from the South Carolina and Florida DOTs, and they only charged a nominal fee to cover postage.  Just do a search for your state's DOT Maps and order away!

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