Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday's Obituary: Lovick Drake

DRAKE -- Lovick W. Drake, son of Rev. W. J. Drake, of Adrian, Ga., was born September 2, 1892.  He joined the Methodist Church at about eight years of age, and continued a member of the same until his death, December 17, 1912.  The first of the year he was from home in business.  His oldest sister, Mrs. Wise, was taken with typhoid fever in the spring, and died July 25.  Lovick came home a few days before her death.  The mother was soon taken with the fever, and this dread disease went through the family, but all recovered except Lovick, who was the last taken.  The family thought he would recover, too, until a few days before his death.  He was conscious to the last, and told his father just before death came, he would soon be at rest.  The writer prayed with him a few hours before he passed away.  He gave hearty response during the prayer, and said he was trusting Jesus.  For about seven months, Bro. Drake and family were sorely afflicted.  Lovick was the oldest son, and was depended upon for help during this family affliction.  The family feel greatly bereaved in the loss of this affectionate son and brother, but their sorrow is not hopeless, as they believe he lived a good life, and was prepared for the change when it came.
                                     H. C. Brewton

Lovick Drake was my paternal grandmother's brother (Nealie Drake Tapley).  

This obituary was found among her belongings passed along to me.

This family was no stranger to tragedy.  As mentioned in the obituary, the oldest daughter, Hattie Lay Drake Wise, died in July 1912 of typhoid fever.  Then Lovick, the oldest son, died of the fever in December of the same year.  Fifteen years later, brother William Robert was murdered in June 1927, and their father was accidentally shot and killed two months later.  Another daughter, Nancy Mary Ann, passed away in 1931; cause unknown. 

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