Monday, May 30, 2011

Military Monday: Memorial Day Roll Call

On this Memorial Day, 2011, I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank those from my family lines who have served our country in the military forces:

Revolutionary War

Exum Drake, 10th Regiment, North Carolina Continental Line
David Hubbard, Unit Unknown
Solomon Page, Corporal, "Bailey's Company", North Carolina
John Tapley Patterson, Unit Unknown
Mark Patterson, Unit Unknown, North Carolina
Comfort Ranney, Pvt, Unit Unknown
Nathaniel Ranney, Pvt, Unit Unknown
Thomas Erastus Redman, Unit Unknown
Stephen Swain, Ensign, 8th North Carolina Battalion of Foot

War of 1812

Isaac Ozmun, Major

Civil War

Elijah Samuel Beasley, Private, Co. I, 48th Georgia Infantry
Thomas J. Brantley, Private, Co. D, 59th Georgia Infantry "Bullard Guards"
Ezra Carter, Unit Unknown
Zachariah Claxton, Sergeant, Co. E, 48th Georgia Infantry
Francis Milton Drake, Private, Co. G, 32nd Georgia Infantry 
James William Drake, Private, Co. G, 32nd Georgia Infantry
John Saffold Drake, Jr. Second Lieutenant, Co. G, 32nd Georgia Infantry 
Thomas Lamar Drake, Unit Unknown
Norris N. Durden, Unit Unknown
John W. Harrell, Unknown South Carolina Unit
Alphonso Davis Hesser, Company F, 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Harrell Solomon Horton, Unit Unknown (Made the ultimate sacrifice)
Bennet Kea, Unit Unknown
Dennis Kea, Unit Unknown
James W. Kea, Unit Unknown
Warren Kea, Unit Unknown (Made the ultimate sacrifice at Antietem)
Wesley Kea, Unit Unknown
John Nelson Key, Unit Unknown
John W. Mayo, Pvt, Co. F, 14th Georgia Infantry
James Ashley Pollett, Unit Unknown
Sampson Powell, Pvt, Co. F, 48th Georgia Infantry
Elias Price, Pvt, Co. F, 48th Georgia Infantry
Elisha Pullen, Unit Unknown (Made the ultimate sacrifice)
Comfort Ranney, Private, Co. D, 61st Infantry Regiment, Ohio
Edward George Ranney, Unit Unknown (Made the ultimate sacrifice at Gettysburg)
William Ostrander Ranney, Private, Co. B, 22nd Regiment Wisconsin Vols.
Lawson Y. Riner, Unit Unknown
George W. Schwalls, Private, Co. E, 48th Georgia Infantry; Engineer, CSA Navy 
John Wesley Snell, Unit Unknown
Benson Tapley, Unit Unknown
Francis M. Tapley, 1st Corporal, Company F, 48th Georgia Infantry,  "Johnson County Battleground
     Guards" (Made the ultimate sacrifice at The Crater, Petersburg, Virginia)
James Madison Tapley, Pvt, Company F, 48th Georgia Infantry
John Curtis Tapley, Pvt, Company F, 48th Georgia Infantry
Henry Green Wheeler, Company F, 48th Georgia Infantry 

World War I

Ellie Alonzo Drake, SK3, U.S. Navy
Horace D. Lindsey, Pvt, 230 PW Escort Co ASC
Dennis Newton Meeks, Pvt, U. S. Army
Leaston E. Powell, Pvt, U.S. Army
Charlie George Townsend, Unit Unknown
Johnnie William Townsend, Pvt, U.S. Army

World War II

Ellie Brooks Drake, SSgt, U.S. Air Force
E. R. Gilmer, U.S. Army
William Marion McLendon, Unit Unknown
Roy Page, U.S. Army
George A. Perdue, Sgt, 22nd Infantry, 4th Infantry Division
Bemis Josey Powell, Private, U.S. Army
Jordan Benjamin Powell, Private, U.S. Army
Leslie E. Powell, Sgt, U.S. Army
Roy D. Powell, U.S. Army
Virgil Willard Powell, U.S. Navy
Charlie H. Schwalls, PFC, U.S. Army
Rufus S. Schwalls, U.S. Army
Charles Morgan Tapley, U.S. Navy
Edward Tapley, Unit Unknown
James Cullen "J.C." Tapley, PFC, U.S. Army, 168th Infantry, 34th Division (Made the ultimate
     sacrifice in Italy)
John Russell Tapley, Pvt, U.S. Army
Alton Clifton Thomas, U.S. Army
Johnnie William Townsend, PFC, U.S. Army
Joe C. Tyson, U.S. Army
Robert Alexander Weatherup, U.S. Navy Commander 
Woodrow Wheeler, TSgt, U.S. Army

Korean Conflict

Billy Moye Claxton, SSgt, U.S. Air Force
Franklin Roosevelt Claxton, U.S. Army
Ellie Brooks Drake, SSgt, U.S. Air Force
William Marion Josey, Cpl, U.S. Army
Marvin Schwalls, Cpl, U.S. Army
Carlton James Tapley, PFC, U.S. Army
Robert Alexander Weatherup, U.S. Navy Commander 

Vietnam Conflict

William Marion McLendon, Jr., SP5, U.S. Army

Other Military Service

Watson Alvin Chance, U.S. Army
Eddie Barton Claxton, U.S. Air Force
Jack Ira Drake, U.S. Army
Woodrow Powell, Unit Unknown
Samuel Ranny, 7th Co., Capt Herlihy, 1st Regiment, French-Indian War
Charlie F. Sconyers, U.S. Army; Georgia National Guard
Homer Lee Smith, Pvt, U.S. Marine Corps
Charles Morgan Tapley, U.S. Navy
Hugh Dorsey Tapley, Pvt, U.S. Army
Herschel Miles Tapley, U.S. Army
Vertie L. Tapley, Unit Unknown
William Hubert Tapley, U.S. Army


  1. Great work regarding Memorial Day, I have info on Kea's during civil war and some Tapley info
    I am related to Kea/Tapley families
    Great website too

  2. its really nice that someone knows as much about my father (carlton james tapley) as his own family and can celebrate him, i would love to know any details i have never know or heard i have no contact with that side of family because no one has ever tried to contact me or my sister after my fathers death to tell us