Monday, December 3, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: Estate of Dr. M. N. Odom

"Inventory and Appraisement of all the property in the county of Emanuel belonging to the estate of Dr. M. N. Odom, late of Emanuel county, deceased, as follows:

Six Hundred and Eighty-three acres of sand hill land, known as a survey made by E.A. Douglas, valued at


Two other tracts, containing one hundred and seventy five acres, in Emanuel County, 395 G.M.D., known as the Harrell tract or Barwick tract, valued at


114 acres of land in 395 G.M.D., Emanuel County, containing home of deceased,


1 sugar mill, $25.00; 2 watches, $5.00; Old buggy irons, $18.00; 1 oil tank, $3.00; Interest in horse, $15.00; 60 bushels corn, $30.00 -----------



We, the undersigned appraisers, do certify that the above is, in our judgment, a 'true appraisement and valuation of all the property in Emanuel county, both real and personal, belonging to the estate of Dr. M. N. Odom, and that the foregoing list was produced and exhibited to us by B. C. Kea, administrator of said deceased, as being a first and true inventory thereof.  We do further certify that before entering upon our duties, we did take and subscribe an oath faithfully to discharge the same.  Witness our hand and official signatures this 22nd day of October, 1900.

W. B. Rice,
M. L. Bailey,
A. G. Durden

  Emanuel County.
              Personally appeared before we, the undersigned, B. C. Kea, administrator of Dr. M. N. Odom, late of said county, deceased, who being duly sworn, deposes and says that the within inventory contains a true account of all the goods, chartels, rights and credits of said deceased within his hands, possession or knowledge, and all the real estate belonging to said estate.

B. C. Kea, admin.

Sworn to and subscribed
before me Nov. 5, 1900.
  John Bell,
    Ord'y ECGa,"


Dr. Meridian N. Odom was my 3rd great grand uncle.  The administrator, B. C. (Burrell) Kea was his father-in-law.

 From Emanuel County State of Georgia Court of Ordinary, Wills Book B, 1857-1907, p. 299.

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