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Bessie Carter Ranney's 1929 Diary - Week 2, January 6-12

(To read entries from my maternal great-grandmother's 1929 diary, please click on the tab "Posts by Topic" and then go to the topic "California." All posts are listed there.)
The Players:

The writer is Bessie Carter Ranney, my great-grandmother.
Her husband:
Luther Boardman Ranney, my great-grandfather
 Her children:
Ethel, my grandmother
Viella Crites Hesser, wife of Luther's first cousin
  Sunday, January 6, 1929:  "Mrs. Woessner took Jack to Sun. S. and the girls and I went but didn't stay to Church.  Came home and got dinner and the girls went for a ride.  Marjorie Siebert came and was here for lunch.  We all went to Vespers.  Alice, Luther & I went to Church, candle lighting service.  Ethel stayed with Jack."

Monday, January 7, 1929:  "Did up work and baked pies, cookies & cake.  Chas. was here a couple of hrs. with Jack.  A busy time.  Lucille was here in the evening and the girls had a fine time playing with Jack."

Tuesday, January 8, 1929:  "Chas. was here awhile and had them both to look after.  Ironed & Mrs. Weaver came up about 1 o'clock & was here about an hour.  About 3 o'clock Viella Hesser was here a little while.  Jack went back to his grandmother's at 4.  We miss him.  Went to Woessners at 7 and stayed until midnight."

Wednesday, January 9, 1929:  "Alice and I took Luther to Henske's to work then took Kenneth to U. of R.  Girls went to school & I hurried up with the work and left at 9:50 for H. Miss. meeting then Aid meeting.  Stayed at Church for dinner, went up town & put $75 in the bank.  Got my hair cut etc. then went back to the F. Miss. meeting.  Then to library & met the girls.  Went back to the Y.W.C.A. & heard Mrs. Sherwood Eddy speak followed by nice social hr. & tea.  Alice did meet us & took Mrs. Coe home.  Came home & had supper then went with Ethel to the library.  Took Kenneth to Pearson's as usual."

Thursday, January 10, 1929:  "Went to Mrs. Lingle's and sorted quilt pieces while she cut blocks.  Alice and I went to Missionary Study supper & class, Mr. Ewart talked on the religion of Mohammed & Mr. Kingman gave pictures & talk on India.  After we came home, stayed at Woessner's until 12:30,  Ethel & Lucille stayed until we got there & Lucille stayed here all night."

Friday, January 11, 1929:  "Cleaned up house and made fried cakes.  Went to Mrs. McIntosh's at 12:15 to wash dinner dishes while the family took Young Mr. Mc. to San B. to train.  Went from there at 2 o'clock to Mrs. Lingle's.  Mrs. Garretson came and we worked on quilt blocks again.  After supper Alice and I went to Community Sing.  Ethel went also but with the girls.  K. went to practice for De Molay play."

Saturday, January 12, 1929:  "Alice & I went with Luther to Max Hentske where he is working.  Bro't car home, then at 8:30 took K. to San Bernardino where he is taking West Point exam.  Came home & did up a lot of work.  Went back at 2 o'clock to S.B. for K.  Not ready until 4 so went up town then missed him.  Got to Brookside Ave. & car gave out.  Boy helped us but not home until nearly 6.  Mrs. Pence mother and Lucille here for supper.  Had a real nice visit.  Ethel & Lucille went away until 10 in evening.  Kenneth got home at 6:15, walked & caught a ride at 6:45 went to Hanson's and stayed until 2 A.M."

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