Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Workday Wednesday: Law Enforcement and Judicial System

 Since I now work with the Judicial System in North Carolina as a Deputy Clerk of Court, it occurred to me recently that several members of my family have served in law enforcement or the judicial system.  Can choice of career run in families?

James L. "Jim" Tapley, my grand uncle
 Deputy Sheriff, Johnson County, Georgia
    I don't know exactly how long Uncle Jim was a Deputy Sheriff, but at least from 1918-1930, probably longer.  I know he was a Deputy Sheriff in 1918 because he was mentioned in the FBI reports on his son, Gordon, when Gordon went AWOL during World War I.  Then in 1920, he ran for Johnson County Sheriff:

From "The Wrightsville Headlight," January 1, 1920
  He lists his occupation as "Deputy Sheriff" on the 1930 census.

Bentley Allen "B.A." Lampp, 1st cousin
  Deputy Sheriff, Jefferson County, Georgia

  B.A. retired as a Deputy Sheriff sometime before 1998.

 Gilbert Earl Tapley, my father
  Deputy Sheriff, Emanuel County, Georgia

Daddy became involved in law enforcement later in life.  When I was 18 and left for college, he joined the Sheriff's Department in Emanuel County as a prisoner transport deputy.  He enjoyed it immensely.  

 He was also an "honorary" Johnson County Deputy Sheriff:

James Thomas Drake, Great grand uncle
  Officer, Adrian Police Department, Adrian, Georgia

He was an officer for 25 years, retiring at the age of 80.

  Warden, Macon County Work Camp, 1910-1912

    - from The Wrightsville Headlight, Wrightsville, GA, Thursday, May 8, 1958, Centennial Edition, page 1.

Ellen Tapley Young, 2nd cousin
  Probate Judge, Washington County, Georgia

Ellen is Uncle Jim's granddaughter. 

George Washington Tapley, 2nd great-grandfather
  Magistrate and Justice of the Peace, Johnson County, Georgia

Patricia Tapley, 2nd cousin
  Clerk of Court, Johnson County, Georgia

Solomon Page,  2nd great-grandfather
  Judge, Inferior Court, Johnson County, Georgia, 1859
    - from The Wrightsville Headlight, Wrightsville, GA, Thursday, May 8, 1958, Centennial Edition.  Reprinted from the Johnson County Court Records dated May 5, 1859.

There are probably several more that I don't even know about!

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