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Bessie Carter Ranney's 1929 Diary - Week 3, January 13-19

(To read entries from my maternal great-grandmother's 1929 diary, please click on the tab "Posts by Topic" and then go to the topic "California." All posts are listed there.)
The Players:

The writer is Bessie Carter Ranney, my great-grandmother.
Her husband:
Luther Boardman Ranney, my great-grandfather
 Her children:
Ethel, my grandmother
Viella Crites Hesser, wife of Luther's first cousin, Otho Hesser
Jonathan Elisha "Uncle Jon't" Hesser & his wife, Sarah Catherine "Aunt Kate" Hall Hesser, Luther's uncle and aunt and Otho's parents.
   Sunday, January 13, 1929:  "Washed up supper dishes.  Did what we could towards dinner.  Went to Sun. School.  Came home & had birthday dinner for Uncle Jon't Hesser.  He will be 74 yrs old on Tues.  Otho & girls (Viella sick & couldn't come) Uncle Jon't & Aunt Kate.  Rev. & Mrs. Raley here for dinner.  Girls went to Vespers & I washed up dinner dishes & got lunch.  Girls & Luther went to Church in the evening but I had to stay at Woessner's from 7 until 10 o'clock."

"The show at Vespers was "Quality Street," it was keen.  Marjory & her mother sat with us.  Lucile, Elsie, Clint & Gerald went to a picture show.  I didn't."  This was written in blue ink whereas Bessie's writings were in pencil.  I believe this in pen was written by my grandmother, Ethel, as her best friend was Lucile.

  Monday, January 14, 1929:  "Did up work and went to town and got license plates for auto.  Stopped at Mrs. Dickerson's a few min on the way home.  Got dinner for Kenneth.  Darned stockings & patched in the afternoon."

"I was good & stayed home in the evening.  Lucile was coming up but she had a flat-tire."  Again, this part was written in blue ink and again, I believe Ethel wrote it.

  Tuesday, January 15, 1929:  "Washed.  Kenneth didn't go to school until afternoon.  Fixed Ethel's black dress also green dress & sent it  my blueu one to cleaner.  Stayed at Woessner's from 7 until 12:30 at night."

Wednesday, January 16, 1929:  "Rained & Luther didn't work.  Started the girls pink petticoats.  Nora & Bruce were up awhile in the forenoon.  Kenneth came home for dinner & I went along when Luther took him back to school & I went to Safeways etc.  Safeway bought Piggly Wiggly today.  Went to Woessner's at 1:45 stayed until 4:30.  Stayed home in eve. & went to bed early."

   Thursday, January 17, 1929:  "Sewed on girl's pink baronet satin underskirts.  Luther worked at Uncle Jont's.  Alice not feeling very well, so weak.  Alice Kenneth & I went to Mission Study supper & Mr. Ewart's class.  Came home & Luther took Ethel, Lucille & Elsie Tate to the Liberty.  Rained some.  Luther worked for Uncle Jon't.  Cut some limbs off pepper trees & brot home a nice lot of wood."

  Friday, January 18, 1929:  "Sewed on my brown dress.  Girls went to basket ball game.  Stayed at Woesnner's until 11:30 at night.  L. picked oranges."

  Saturday, January 19, 1929:  "Made fried cakes, pie, cake & nut bread in forenoon.  K. took over cut exam in Chemistry. Went up town after dinner & got groceries.  Went to matinee at Redlands theatre in afternoon with the girls.  Stayed at Woessner's in the evening.  Rained almost all day so Luther didn't work."

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