Monday, March 18, 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Joel Tapley Land Plat

"South Carolina

     Pursuant to a precept from John Breman Esqr. DSG'c dated the 3d day of Dec. 1771 I have adue'd & card out unto Joel Tapley a plantation or tract of Land Containing one hundred & thirty three acres on a Branch of Black River Called tupelow head in Craven County St Marks parish butting & boundig all Sides on Vacant Land, and hath Such Shape form & marks as the above plat doth represent -
  Surveyed by me the 24th day of April 1772
    J Shane Moore D.S."

South Carolina Department of Archives & History online, Series S213184:  Colonial Plat Books, Tapley, Joel, Plat for 133 Acres in Craven County, Volume 20, Page 269, Item 2,
Joel Tapley was my 5th great-grandfather.  He migrated from North Carolina to South Carolina before arriving and settling in Georgia.  The stop in South Carolina was evidently only for a few years.  Joel, his son Newhampton (my 4th great-grandfather), and his grandchildren, James L. and Sarah (my 3rd great-grandmother) all eventually moved to Georgia.

In 1768, South Carolina abolished all counties, including Craven.  When they returned to the county system after the Civil War, the name Craven had been lost forever.
Evolution of South Carolina Districts and Counties,
"OLD CRAVEN COUNTY(1683-1769) Created: 1683, discontinued 1769
One of the original "counties" created by the Crown for administrative purposes. See map above (1710) for modern counties represented in this large area. NOTE: All records for this area were filed in Charleston." 
- Evolution of South Carolina Districts and Counties

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