Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Social Media Genealogy Meme

From Randy over at Genea-Musings: 

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 
 It's Saturday Night again - 
time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

1)  Go to Jill Ball's Geniaus blog post describing A Small Social Media Geneameme.  Note the 8 questions. 

2)  Answer one, two, some or all of the questions in your own blog post, in comments to this post, in comments to Jill's post, in a Facebook Status post, or a Google+ Stream post.

Here's mine:
 1. Tell us about your favorite social media tool and why you like it.
I spend a lot of time on Facebook, but I have to admit that blogging edges FB out as my favorite, simply because I am recording my family's history for future generations, and I have met several "new" cousins through writing my blog.  

4. What aspect of Social Media makes you grit your teeth?  

The political stuff that gets shared on Facebook.  Most of the time, it is hateful, inappropriate, and if someone posts a comment that differs in opinion from the original poster, feelings often can get hurt.  I consider Facebook a way to connect with friends and family that I am unable to see on a regular basis, if at all.  A place to share both hardships and victories... kind of like the annual Christmas card newsletter!  I do not think it is the place to force my opinion on others.  

Also, I do not like the way Facebook and other social media has made us lose our manners.  It seems that many people no longer know the proper way to send an invitation or a thank you.  It has made us lose many of the social graces of communication. 

5. How does social media assist with your CGD (continuing genealogical development)?

It brings me news from the genealogy world and links to my fellow genealogists' blog posts, thanks to my many genealogy friends on Facebook!  Also, writing a blog forces me to research topics before I post them and that expands my genealogy knowledge.  

6. How do you fit social media time into your busy day?

Having a smartphone has definitely made it easier for me to keep up with the world.  I can now check Facebook, my e-mail, and even blog comments I receive during my work day (though with my hectic job, I usually only have time to check during my lunch!).  Otherwise, the vast majority of my social media time is during the evenings and on the weekends when I check e-mail and Facebook, read blog posts, and post to my blog.  I never have time to check anything out in the mornings before work.  I am not a Twitter user other than to tweet links to my blog.  I also am not a regular Google+ user.  It has just not caught on with me.  Again, I use it mostly to post links to my blog. 

7. Do you have a story of how social media enabled you to connect with a long lost relation or fellow  researcher?

There have been several!  I met my "famous" cousin, Keith Tapley, through my blog.  I have had several other long lost cousins post comments and share information with me on their family lines.  It has been especially exciting to hear from cousins from family lines that I knew little to nothing about, such as Page and Schoonover.  Of course, there are several who have left me one comment or e-mail and then never contacted me again.  I would love to hear from them!

8. You have a minute to share a piece of advice about genealogy and social media. Go for it.  

Keep in touch with friends and family, but don't become too invested in Facebook or other social media.  They have their place and are useful, but their usefulness ends if you find yourself upset over what someone posted or whether someone defriended you.  Researching my family has taught me more than anything that life is precious and short... use the time wisely (like on your genealogy!).

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  1. Thanks, Liz, for your response to the Geneameme. Having a Smartphone sure helps with keeping on top of this stuff. Cheers, Jill