Monday, May 6, 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Hosea Tapley Land Warrant & Plat, 1758


  FRANCIS CORBIN, Esquire, one of the Agents and Commissioners, of the Right Honourable the Earl of Granville, {? ? ?} Sole Lord and Proprietor of a certain District, Territory, or Parcel of Land, lying in the Province of North-Carolina, {?}.

  To Cap. Sherwood Haywood, His Lordship's Deputy-Surveyor for the County of Orange,

  YOU are forthwith to admeasure and lay out, unto Hosea Tapley, a Tract of Land, containing Six hundred & Forty Acres, lying in Orange County, within the said District; On both Sides of Mountain Branch, including Adam Tapley's Improvements for the Compliment;

(handwritten note on left side)
Aug. 9th 1760}

  Observing my Instructions, for running out of Lands; Three just and fair Plans whereof, certified under your Hand, you are to return to me, within Six Months from the Date hereof:  Which Survey of the abovementioned Lands, so to be returned as aforesaid, shall be good and valid for the said Hosea Tapley provided he the said Hosea Tapley do, within Twelve Months after such Return, take out a Grant of the same Land, to compleat his Title:  otherwise this Warrant, and such your Return thereof, shall be void, and of no Force, and the said Lands be deemed vacant, and free to be taken up by any other Person, that shall apply for the Purpose.  Signed the First Day of August 1758.

  Fra^s Corbin {signature}

Entered in the Office of the
Right Honourable the Earl
GRANVILLE, the 18 Day of 
Jany {?} Anno Dom. 1758

(handwritten note on bottom)
The Execution of the above Warrant having been prevented by the Late Disturbances, I do hereby Validate it for Six Months Longer provided the same be Executed by the proper Surveyor of the County and Returned into the Office within that Time.  Signed at {?} the 20th Feb 7 1760

Tho {?}
Special Agent

 Note:  Warrant issued for Hosea Tapley, but land returned for John Camp.

By a scale of 25 Cha. in an inch. 

This Plan represents a tract of Land. surveyed. for John Camp in Orange County, & on both sides of Mountain ranch at water of Flatt river -----------------
Beginning at a post oak & runs thence. East thirty five Chain, Crossing the branch to a Hicory; thence West, 35 Chain, to a post oak near a branch, thence South 60 Cha. to the first station ----- Containing two hundred & ten Acres -------------------
Survey'd the 9th Day of Aug. 1760
  WmCharton (signature)
sworn Cha. Carriers}
Isom Milton}
John Camp}

Secretary of State, Granville Proprietary Land Office, Entries, Warrants, Surveys, 1748-1763, Northampton, J through Orange, De, Microfilm #S.108-279, accessed April 26, 2013, North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC
Oh what I wouldn't give to know what those "late disturbances" were that prevented the execution of Hosea's land grant!  Indian trouble, perhaps??

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