Friday, May 3, 2013

Family Recipe Friday: Brown Bread

"Brown Bread
Set sponge as for white bread
when light mix hard with
graham flour let raise as for
white bread do not mix as hard as 
white bread
Mrs. Ed Bradford"
This "recipe" was stuck inside my great-grandmother's (Bessie Carter Ranney) 1929 diary that I recently transcribed here on this blog.  Obviously the recipe was not an original of my great-grandmother's.  It was written by Mrs. Bradford, a friend of Bessie's.  However, the main thing that stood out to me was not the recipe itself (which really is not much of a recipe in my opinion, probably because I've never made my own bread), but the fact that the recipe was written on a receipt from Bessie's father's jewelry business.  Charles Carter was a jeweler and a farmer in Eagle Grove, Iowa about 1900.  This find really excited me!

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