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Time Capsule Tuesday


Today is my Aunt Evelyn's 89th birthday.  She was born January 12, 1932.  She is my mother's sister; the only aunt I have left.  So let's see what was going on the year she was born.

January 12, 1932 was a Tuesday (just like this year!).  Also, 1932 was a leap year.

In the United States, the most popular baby name is Betty.  This name was given to 34,411 baby girls.  For the boys, it is Robert. This name was recorded 59,259 times in the year 1932.

The generation born between 1928 and 1945 is called the Silent Generation.  This generation was comparatively small because the Great Depression and World War II caused people to have fewer children. The generation was so named because it was mostly silent; it did not issue manifestoes, make speeches or carry posters.  They tended to be thrifty and even miserly.  They were about "working within the system." They kept their heads down and worked hard. They preferred to play it safe.

The President of the United States was Herbert C. Hoover.  The Vice President was Charles Curtis.

In 1932 the economy continued to deteriorate and unemployment increased to 24.1%.  There were few jobs and many ordinary Americans were forced into living in the streets or in old cars. Toward the end of the year in November, the American voter used the power of Democracy to show Herbert Hoover what they thought of his term of presidency during these bad times and voted strongly in favor of Franklin D. Roosevelt by 472 electoral votes to 59. 

Also in 1932, Al Capone was convicted for income tax evasion.  Amelia Earhart becomes the first female aviator to successfully fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Mahatma Gandhi goes on a hunger strike. Sydney Harbor Bridge opens.

The 1930s as a whole saw dust storms, the growth of shanty towns caused by the Great Depression, and what many consider an upside down world were bank robbers were seen as heroes, not villains.  

Historical Events on January 12, 1932

Hattie W. Caraway was elected the first woman senator (D-Arkansas).

Phillip Barry's "Animal Kingdom" premieres in New York City.

1932 Prices

Bread:  $0.07/loaf

Milk: $0.43/gal

Eggs:  $0.51/dozen

Car: $540

Gas: $0.18/gal

House: $6,515

Stamp: $0.03/each

Average Income: $1,431/year

Top Songs for 1932:

Louisiana Hayride by Howard Dietz

April in Paris by E. G. Harburg

Three's a Crowd by Al Dubin

Willow Weep for Me by Irving Berlin

 Top Books in 1932:

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Selected Essays, 1917-1932 by T. S. Eliot

Waterless Mountain by Laura Adams Armer

Light in August by William Faulkner

Academy Award Winners of 1932:

Best Picture:  Grand Hotel, produced by MGM

Best Actor: Fredric March in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Best Actress: Helen Hayes in Sin of Madelon Claudet 

People Born on January 12:

1737 - John Hancock, patriot (First to sign the Declaration of Independence)

1876 - Jack London, writer/socialist (Call of the Wild)

1906 - Tex Ritter, country singer (5 Start Jubilee, The Wayward Wind)

1951 - Kirstie Allen, actress (Star Trek II, Cheers)


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