Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Photos

As many of you know, I scrapbook.  Of course, genealogy has really taken over my life the last six months, so I have done no scrapbooking in that time.  (Which probably kills my husband since he worked so hard on that scrapbooking room!)  Two weeks ago, a scrapbooking friend came over and I actually finished a layout I had started weeks earlier.  She came back over yesterday, and though it took me more than 12 hours, I finished two 2 page layouts.

In looking at the first layout I did yesterday, it got me to thinking about how photographs are the greatest treasure I own.  Whether they are photos of ancestors from 100 years ago or pictures of my niece and nephew I took last month, all of them are treasured.  I have always said if the house caught on fire, that right after I gathered the cats and dog, I would grab my pictures.  Of course, since I have scrapbooked for more than 10 years, it would take something much larger than a wheelbarrow to get all of the scrapbooks out of my house, but I would probably die from smoke inhalation trying. 

So I believe I will be sharing some of my scrapbook layouts here...  

Here are the ones I completed yesterday:

These photographs were taken March 1, 2009.  It was the first time I had seen my cousin, Buddy, in probably 30 years.  William Lamar Tapley, Jr. (Buddy) was the son of my father's brother, William Lamar Tapley and his wife, Anna Lois Gladdin Tapley.  Buddy passed away in October of that same year.  So this was the last time I got to see him.   These are treasured photographs. 

(Left) Linda Tapley (my mom), Buddy and me
(Right) Buddy with his wife and beloved dog

(Left) Buddy, Mom, and my cousin, Ronnie Tapley, son of another of my father's brothers, Hugh Dorsey Tapley.

(Right) Buddy, me, and Ronnie

(Right, bottom) Buddy, his wife, doggie, and Mom

This next layout just represents my love of history and my home state of Georgia.  I have a Georgia scrapbook in which I display photos, brochures, and information about places around the state.  In June 2008, while on my way back along I-20 from a visit with my parents in Augusta, I stopped by to see the home of Alexander Hamilton Stephens, vice president of the Confederacy.  I got a personal tour and heard many interesting things about the man, his home, and the times he lived in.


  1. Love your layouts. We've got to make time to scrapbook. Our families might not want to listen to our genealogy finds, but they will always look at our scrapbooks. They are so important, that a few years ago I cleaned out my dining room China cabinets and put in my scrapbooks and photo albums.

  2. Love your layouts! I started to scrapbook when I was expecting my first child. After she came, though I found I didn't have much time for it anymore. :-( I'm hoping to start again soon. My kids love looking at photo albums and it's a great way to get them interested in family history to.

  3. I am thomas russell tapleys fiance, he is lamars son, i am going to share what you have done w/ him...this is great and i know he'll love is