Sunday, April 3, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Spring

Week 14. Spring. What was spring like where and when you grew up? Describe not only the climate, but how the season influenced your activities, food choices, etc.

Spring has always been my favorite season.  It seems that most people say that autumn is their favorite; however, during the fall, all I can think about is that winter and cold, bad weather is coming.  The spring, though, brings the promise of new life; everything turns green and flowers bloom; there is beauty everywhere. Life is full of possibilities again.

My mother says that even as a child, I struggled during the winter months.  Maybe I have S.A.D. (seasonal defective disorder); I don't know.  I am an indoors person, but I crave sunshine and warmth.  I remember getting "spring fever" every year as a child and teenager... and I still get it now, truth be told.

I grew up in Florida and Georgia, so of course, spring came early and was short-lived.  Since we knew that HOT weather would come very quickly, we had to make the most of those few short weeks of mild, beautiful weather. 

Today, my husband and I took our dog for a walk.  It was a beautiful day here in Georgia today.  Sunshine, mild temperatures (at least in the morning) and only a slight breeze.  Perfect.  While on this walk, I actually got to thinking back to my memories of springtime and being outdoors when we lived in Jacksonville.  I was 4-8 years old when we lived there. 

I remember McDonald's commercials.  I know that sounds strange, but it was the ones with Ronald McDonald and kids running around in a green field.  It made me want to get outside and play, too.  Ride my bike.  Lie in the sun. 
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Later, after we moved to Swainsboro, I remember planting tulips and petunias with my mom.  That always meant spring had arrived.  I also remember Easter; dressing up for church and hunting eggs.

More than anything, spring was and is just a feeling in the air... and daffodils.


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