Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday's Child: Joyce Lampp

Joyce Lampp
daughter of
Benjamin James (B.J.) Lampp and Annie Jane Tapley Lampp

She was laid to rest at Powell's Chapel Methodist Church,
Johnson County, Georgia

As you can see, her parents were laid to rest on either side of her...
just as if she had crawled into their bed in the middle of the night
during a storm or after having a bad dream.

I need to put on my to do list to obtain a copy
of Joyce's death certificate.  I wonder what 
took this baby, just 4 days after her first birthday.

Joyce was my (half) first cousin on her mother's side,
and 2nd cousin on her father's side.


  1. Liz....this is sad, but one correction: I think she was 4 days PAST her first birthday. Either that or I have gotten up way too early this morning and need coffee.....

  2. You are right, Lisa, and I have now corrected that. It was obviously too late for me to be thinking coherently...