Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: B J Lampp and Annie Jane Tapley Lampp

 Annie Jane Tapley Lampp
daughter of Lusion Keman Tapley and Martha Jane Page Tapley
(my aunt)

wife of

Benjamin James Lampp
son of Benjamin Lampp and Tabitha Tapley Lampp
(my first cousin, 1x removed)

Annie's father and BJ's mother were siblings.
Thus Annie and BJ were first cousins.

They had been married 35 years at Annie's death in 1960.

They are laid to rest at Powell's Chapel Methodist Church
Johnson County, Georgia

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  1. My friend, Ron, pointed this out to me:

    "Looking at the info. on their tomb stones I noticed 5 things.

    B. J Lampp Oct. 15 1896 to Nov. 15 1965
    Annie T. Lampp March 15 1899 to Nov. 20 1960

    1. They were both born on the 15 th of the month
    2. They were born 5 months apart
    3. They both died in Nov.
    4. They died 5 days apart in Nov.
    5. They died 5 years apart"

    Isn't that amazing?