Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday's Child: Ralph M. Tapley

"TAPLEY - Died at a local infirmary, October 5, 1933, at 5 a.m., RALPH TAPLEY, aged 15.  Funeral services will be held this (Friday) afternoon at 3 o'clock at Corinth Methodist church, near Adrian, Ga.  Interment will be in the churchyard cemetery.  J. G. Chafee in charge." 

I located this obituary on GenealogyBank.comIt was originally published in the Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, Georgia.

Ralph was the child of Homer Frank Tapley and Verta Drake Tapley. 

He was my 2nd cousin.

I found out just yesterday that Ralph's cause of death was a ruptured appendix (which, by the way, seems to run in our family!).  How did I find out this information?  Because another new cousin found me!  He called me and shared some tidbits of information with me about his family line.  He would be Ralph's nephew, the son of Ralph's sister. He would be my 2nd cousin, 1x removed.  

However, we are also double cousins!  Did you notice that Ralph's mother was a Drake?  Yes, this new cousin and I are related on both the Tapley and Drake sides of the family!

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