Monday, June 13, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Secrets, Books, and Clothes

Now I'm three weeks behind on my personal genealogy and history blogging!  I will attempt to catch up this evening.

Week #22:  Secrets. Describe something about yourself that won’t be found on any record 100 years from now.

Hmmmm... this one is tough.  Let's see...

 I've got nothing.  Anyone?

Week #23:  Books. What was your favorite book, or who was your favorite author from your childhood? What do you like to read now? Books or other formats?

This one is much easier.  I definitely inherited a love of reading from my mother.  She read to me every night when I was little, and I think that went a long way in making me the good student I was then and the lover of books I am now. 

As a child, I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries, Little Women, the Judy Blume books, the Babar the elephant books, and Peter Pan.  One of my absolute favorites was a book my Pop Pop (my maternal grandfather, Charles Morgan Tapley) got me.  It was one of those books that the company inserts your child's name in, along with maybe their birthdate, their friends' names, their address, etc.  I don't remember the name of it, but it was about a giraffe named Htebazile (Elizabeth spelled backwards) who took me on an adventure in the jungle.  I still have that book, of course.

I still enjoy reading, though it seems that I don't have as much time to read anymore.  (Or actually I read a lot - but it's all genealogy related!)  My favorite genre is mystery and suspense so of course my favs include James Patterson and Dean Koontz.  Water for Elephants was one of my all time favorites.

I do have a Kindle.  It is my favorite way to read a book now, but I am still trying to get through my large collection of not-yet-read books, so I don't use the Kindle as often as I'd like yet.  Right now, I am reading "In a Million Little Pieces" by James Frey.  I've owned it since right after Oprah added it to her book club, but once all the controversy about the book began, I was in no big hurry to read it.  During her last season this year, she interviewed him again, and it reminded me I had never read the book.  Whether it is a memoir or not, it is a good book.

I also have two magazines that I read faithfully... although I am behind on them at this moment in time.  Guideposts and Reader's Digest.  My mother has been giving me subscriptions to those magazines my entire adult life.  Reader's Digest is now available for the Kindle, so I have begun to read it in that format. 

Reading can be a portal to a different world and time.

Or as far as the genealogy-related reading, it can make your head spin!

Week #24:  Clothes. What types of clothes did you wear as a child? What was “in fashion” and did your style compare?

Oh my, this is probably one of the worst memories of my childhood.  I was NEVER in style.  My father believed in buying my clothes at Family Dollar or KMart when all of the other kids at school got theirs from Delores & Woody's - the upscale department store in town.  My father also believed in buying my clothes big enough for me to grow into them... thus my jeans in which the crotch was down to my knees!

Other kids had Levis or Gloria Vanderbilts or Polo shirts.  I had Wranglers, or better yet, the no-name brand. And as we all know, children can be cruel.  Between my clothes, my glasses, and my hairstyles, I was made fun of a lot.  (I don't even want to remember the Princess Diana haircut!!)

The experience worked out for the best, of course, for preparing me for adulthood.  Now I could care less about name brand labels, other than learning which ones are the best quality and will last the longest.  I could care less about popularity or style.  Comfort is the key word these days.  Paying a lot of money for a name brand label is money wasted to me.  As long as it fits and flatters me, I am happy.  (Though I will admit I'm rather proud of those BRAND NEW Tommy Hilfiger shorts I found at the Goodwill!)

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  1. Little Women was one of my favorites growing up too! And I have that same Babar book but In German. :)