Monday, December 20, 2010

Motivation Monday: My Genealogy Goals for this Week

I have been lost in census records this past week!  Genealogy almost non-stop for DAYS.  It's been wonderful!  I got the idea (I don't know why I haven't thought of this before!) of going back and tracking every one of my paternal grandfather's siblings and their children on the census records.  Now my grandfather was one of 11!!  Plus most of them had at least two children; some had 10-12!!  This all took quite a bit of time, but as I found out some interesting things and pieced together other bits and pieces of family lore, I found that it was well worth the time!

However, in between, I did manage to meet some of my goals from last week:  
  • Complete an application for my grand aunt's Michigan birth certificate.  Mom brought me the death certificate; I just need to fill out an application and take it to Mom for her signature this weekend.  Did not do this... I found that we may have sent the wrong fee amount with the last request, and I have some reservations about sending another one until we hear back.  In addition, I probably need to call the state of Michigan to inquire about Mom requesting her aunt's birth certificate... Mom is not her direct heir, but she is her only living relative.  So I'm going to put this on the back burner for now.
  • Find a home for the DOT maps I ordered and received last week. The Florida and Georgia DOT maps I received are all nicely folded and filed.  However, later in the week, I received a South Carolina map of just ONE county and it is huge!!  I have not attempted folding it yet. I believe I am going to need help with that one!
  • Call my grand uncle's step-daughter.  We had lost touch with him, and my mom and I would love to hear about the last years of his life.  Again, I have put this off.
  • Finish proofreading that section of Ranney typing I finished transcribing last week and send it in.  Done!
  • Start the next (last!) section of Ranney transcribing continuing at the rate of 3 pages a day.  Done!
As usual, I procrastinated on some things... I'll keep working on that.  I know this list every Monday is probably boring to my readers, but it is helping me a lot - keeping me on track and mindful of what I need/want to get done.  

Here are the goals I wish to pursue this week: 
  • Call my grand uncle's step-daughter.  We had lost touch with him, and my mom and I would love to hear about the last years of his life.  (If I keep moving this to every week, eventually I'll do it!)
  • Unpack the pictures and other memorabilia I brought back from my mom's on Saturday.  Turns out she had been holding out on me with some stuff... the rest are framed pictures that I need to take out and scan.  Good thing Scanfest is this Sunday!
  • Photograph a couple of items Mom gave me that belonged to my paternal grandmother, Nealie Drake Tapley.  I had no idea they had belonged to her, and I'm very excited to have them.
  • Continue the Ranney transcribing.
That is probably enough for Christmas week.  I'd better get busy!  What are you working on this week?

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