Sunday, December 26, 2010

ScanFest Sunday

Today was the monthly ScanFest over at AnceStories.  This is my second time participating, and I love it.  It gives me a set time, once a month for three hours, to scan my family history documents.  Otherwise, without the "appointment," I would just keep putting it on the back burner.  

Today I did 90+ scans:
  • A couple of pictures and memorabilia I got from my mom recently; 
  • My aunt's baby book that my mom found at her house (and which, of course, I will be mailing to my aunt this week); 
  • My mom's birth certificates (one official, one decorative with her footprints); 
  • My mom's baby book; 
  • Several "new baby" greeting cards my grandmother had saved from my mother's birth, along with a couple of her birthday cards from her first year; 
  • My mom's 1st grade report card; 
  • My mom's high school graduation announcement; and 
  • My brother's birth and death certificates.    
That completes the documents I had on file for my mom!  I'm very excited about that!  

One of the "Welcome
New Baby" cards -
this one from her aunt.

Of course, I still have a stack of pictures (more my mom passed along recently) to scan.  I'll do a few a week, probably, to get them done.  I don't want to wait until next month's ScanFest (January 30th, from 11am-2pm PST).  I have already planned what I'm going to do then:  any documents I have for my paternal grandparents.  I'm moving right along.  And it feels GOOD to get this done.  

Now I just need to back these files up somewhere...

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Liz! We enjoy having you at Scanfest, and WOW! 90 ROCK! :-)