Thursday, December 9, 2010

Those Places Thursday: Powell's Chapel Church

Powell's Chapel Church, located on Highway 221 between Kite and Bartow, Georgia, in Johnson County is as much a part of our Tapley family history as any member of the family.  

This is from an article in "The Wrightsville Headlight, Centennial Edition, May 8, 1958, entitled "First Powell's Chapel Members Worshipped Under Large Oak Tree":  "...Powell's Chapel Church, which is located on the Bartow-Kite paved road... In 1873 Mr. Crayton Powell owned the land that is now known as the Walter Powell land.  Under a large oak tree on this land a few of the people of the community began having preaching services.  Among these first people were... Jim Tapley..."

That would be James Madison Tapley, my paternal great-grandfather.  My grandmother, Nealie Drake Tapley, drove a horse and buggy from Wadley, 9 miles each way, every Sunday morning to play the piano at the church. 
Powell's Chapel Church... THEN

She and my grandfather, Lusion Keman Tapley, are buried there, along with my uncles Russ and Hugh Dorsey Tapley, aunt Annie Tapley Lampp, several cousins and other relatives.  

I can remember going there as a child for "Dinner on the Dirt" - a tasty Southern tradition where folks would gather under the trees after church and share a delicious lunch prepared by loving hands.  I have attended a funeral there that I don't even remember (since I was only a month old) and one that I remember all too well (at age 39).

Nealie Drake Tapley (center) with ALL of her children and a couple of her grandchildren on the steps of Powell's Chapel Church, 1960's.

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