Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday's Obituary: Annie Jane Tapley Lampp

This is the obituary of my father's oldest sister, Annie Jane Tapley Lampp.  She was born in Johnson County, Georgia on March 15, 1899 and passed away on November 20, 1960.  She was eldest daughter of Lusion Keman Tapley and his first wife, Jane Page.  Lusion and Jane were cousins.

Jane passed away when Annie was only a couple of months old, and custom at the time did not call for a father to raise his child on his own. So Annie was raised by her father's parents, Jim and Rebecca (Becky) (Page) Tapley.

Annie married her first cousin, Benjamin J. Lampp, who was the son of her aunt, Tabitha (Lusion's sister) and her husband, Benjamin A. Lampp.  Tabitha and her husband were also first cousins, as their mothers were sisters.  It just shows that in rural areas at the time, there was not much time for nor transportation to meet people outside their small community, so marrying within the family was not out of the ordinary. 

I did some research on the Lampp family last week and found this obituary on Ancestry.  It was a great addition to my genealogy files.

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