Monday, December 27, 2010

Motivation Monday: My Genealogy Goals for this Week

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  I ate too much really good food at my Mom's!

I've had a busy week, genealogy wise.  Lots of research and scanning.  These were my goals for last week... let's see how I did: 
  • Call my grand uncle's step-daughter.  We had lost touch with him, and my mom and I would love to hear about the last years of his life.  (If I keep moving this to every week, eventually I'll do it!)  Still did not do this. 
  • Unpack the pictures and other memorabilia I brought back from my mom's on Saturday.  Turns out she had been holding out on me with some stuff... the rest are framed pictures that I need to take out and scan.  Good thing Scanfest is this Sunday!  Done!  The frames are ready to go to the Goodwill and the pictures are in a stack on my desk, waiting to be scanned.  I got a few items scanned yesterday during ScanFest.
  • Photograph a couple of items Mom gave me that belonged to my paternal grandmother, Nealie Drake Tapley.  I had no idea they had belonged to her, and I'm very excited to have them.  Done!  And they are now lovingly displayed in my china cabinet.
  • Continue the Ranney transcribing. Done!  I finished transcribing generation 8 and sent that in.  I have started transcribing the 9th (and final) generation at the rate of 3 pages per day. 
I did better than I thought! I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions, but maybe I need to think about making one about procrastinating...

Here are the goals I wish to pursue this week:
  • Continue the Ranney transcribing (I am on a roll!).
  • Call my grand uncle's step-daughter.
  • Continue researching the census records on my Schwalls family.
  • Scan some of the pictures my mom loaned me.
  • Do some genealogy filing.
That will do!  Happy New Year!

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