Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Ethel Ranney and Charles Tapley

Evidently, my families were not that "into" weddings... because this is the ONLY wedding photo I have from any wedding in any of my families!  I think everyone else, being hardworking farmers who barely had time to meet anyone never mind plan a wedding that costs lots of money, just went to the courthouse. 

Ethel Ranney and Charles Morgan Tapley were married in Redlands, California on December 3, 1939.

From left:  Sarah Catherine Hall Hesser (Aunt Kate) and Jonathan Elisha Hesser (Uncle Jon); the newlyweds:  Charles and Ethel with Ethel's son, Robert (Bobby) Plumlee down front; Ethel's parents:  Bessie Carter Ranney and Luther Boardman Ranney; Mona and Kenneth Carter Ranney (Ethel's brother); Alice Lucille Ranney (Ethel's sister); Kathryn and Ruth Hesser with her husband, Bob Cooper in the background (grand-children of Aunt Kate and Uncle Jon). 

Not pictured:  Otho Elwood Hesser and his wife, Mary Viella Crites Hesser, parents of Kathryn and Ruth.  It's curious that they are not in the picture since Viella and Ethel were very close.  Maybe one of them is the photographer. 

Charles and Ethel were my maternal grandparents.  Up until the last few years, I had Grandma's blue velvet wedding dress in my possession.  Since it was disintegrating and I had no way to showcase it, I cut the lace off the collar and a piece of the velvet and have saved them for scrapbooking purposes.

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