Friday, October 7, 2011

Grandma's Diary, Parts 38 and 39

(To read prior entries from my maternal grandmother's 1933 diary, please click on the tab "Posts by Topic" and then go to the topic "California." All posts are listed there.)


The writer is Ethel Ranney Tapley.
Alice is her sister.
Kenneth is her brother.
Her parents.
H = her boyfriend, Hazel Avery Plumlee
Delma = Hazel's little sister
Earl = Hazel's brother
Verda = Earl's wife
Dorothy Lee = Hazel's niece (Earl's child)
Otho is Otho Hesser, her father's cousin.
Viella is Otho's wife.
Ruth & Kathryn are Otho and Viella's daughters.
Uncle Jont is Jonathan Hesser, Otho's father and her father's uncle.
Aunt Kate is Sarah Katherine Hall Hesser, Jonathan's wife and Otho's mother
Herman (Williams) is Alice's husband.

Sunday, September 24: "Mama & I cleaned out the closets. The house now is a little cleaner. Had a lot of snooty people to look at peaches. Went over & saw Uncle Jont."

Monday, September 25: "I went to school. Saw Lucile & Clara in the afternoon. don't get home from school till 4:30 when come on the bus."

Tuesday, September 26: "I went to school. Saw Lucile & Clara this afternoon instead of yesterday. Came home on the bus."

Wednesday, September 27: "I went to school. Clara & Lucile brot me home as they came after peaches. Went as usual to bed at 8:pm."

Thursday, September 28: "I went to school. Walked down to the library in the afternoon. Got a very nice letter from Hazel. Got a letter from Kenneth's Alice & Kenneth."

Friday, September 29: "I went to school. I studied all afternoon. I packed peaches for a couple hours for Pete."

Saturday, September 30: "Got a card from Kenneth wanting one of us to come down. Went to town, saw Pences they are going to take us to Calexico Mon. Lucile & I went to the show in afternoon."

Sunday, October 1: "Mama is getting her clothes ready. I packed peaches for Pete in the afternoon."

Monday, October 2: "Lucile took mama & me to Calexico. Saw my sister-in-law. We almost baked. Got home about 8 pm."

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Tuesday, October 3: "I went to school. Saw Lucile & Clara in the afternoon. It has sure been hot. Watched Mrs. Ball kill a terantchala. Took her to Yucaipa."

Wednesday, October 4: "I went to school. Lucile & Clara came after me at noon & Clara waved my hair. Went over to Hesser's in the eve. took them some peaches."

Thursday, October 5: "I went to school. Worked hard all afternoon to catch up my typing. Dad don't feel well."

Friday, October 6: "I went to school. Lucile came after me at noon. She took me home about 4. Went to Yucaipa & got some groceries."

Saturday, October 7: "Visited Viella a min. Went to town & got Clara & Lucile & went to Berdo. Paid last payment on our rug."

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