Thursday, October 13, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday: Sewing Machine

My cousin, Bennett Wesley Tapley, Jr., was kind enough one day to take me to his parents' old home place near Kite, Georgia and show me the family heirlooms that are still there. One of those items was our great-grandmother's sewing machine:

Rebecca "Beckie" Page Tapley was born September 8, 1844 and died May 18, 1924. So this sewing machine is very old. Wesley Jr. told me that not only did our great-grandmother sew many clothes on this machine, so did her daughter, our grand aunt Vianna Tapley. It was well used. Aunt Vianna passed away in 1965 so this sewing machine has been stored in a barn for a long time.

Wesley Jr. was also kind enough to give me Great-Grandma Beckie's sewing machine. It is amazing to imagine her using that very machine to lovingly make clothing and other items for her family. Our family.


  1. Hey Liz! While I'm sure this machine is a bit older, my Mother had a Singer treadle machine similar to this one. I learned to sew on it and did so for years. When I moved away and got an electric, it was never the same and I did not enjoy sewing after that. There was something soothing about the back and forth motion of that old treadle that I loved. I have often considered buying a refurbished one but don't know where in my house I'd have room for it! Thanks for the memories!

  2. Ah, yes, memories. Does it still work Liz???

  3. Lisa, I'm glad I could remind you of something you loved!

    Carol, I actually have no idea if it still works or not. I haven't even tried it out!