Monday, December 6, 2010

Motivation Monday: My Genealogy Goals for this Week

It has actually been another busy week for my genealogy research, even if I did skip three days of posting to this blog!  **GASP**  I was actually feeling poorly due to a sinus flare up, so while I wasn't feeling very "talkative" or creative, I did have plenty of time to research and read about researching.

Here were my goals for this past week as posted last Monday, November 29th, and my progress:
  •   Continue to transcribe three pages of Upper Houses per day.  (22 pages left in the current section)  Done!  I continued this, faithfully, every day, and I only have 3 pages left to transcribe tonight for this section! 
  •   Research the family tree information I found on to help verify the facts.  Enter any verified information into my FTM 2011.  Mostly done!  I did the necessary research on the Lampp family material I found and entered all of that information into my FTM program.  However, there were 2-3 straggler individuals that I did not get to.
  •   Do some genealogy filing. Done!
  •   Scan the photo of my husband's great-grandfather that has been on my desk for weeks.  Done!
 Plus I:
  • Found the location of a family grave and now have a picture of it thanks to a wonderful volunteer.
  • Located two news articles on Ancestry about my grand uncle's "quickie" Reno, Nevada divorce in 1934.
  • Talked to the cemetery where the same grand uncle is buried and got the name and contact information for his step-daughter.
  • Printed and partially completed an Application for a Michigan Birth Record for my maternal grandmother.
  • Urged my mother to find her aunt's death certificate, which she did.  Now we can order her birth certificate.
  • Cleaned out one month's worth of backlogged genealogy newsletters in my e-mail.  I read every one and followed numerous links.
 As the holiday approaches, time will become more of a premium.  I probably will not have as much time to devote to this obsession this week.  However, there are a couple of goals I want to pursue:
  • Complete that application for my grandmother's birth certificate and mail it by the end of the week.  (My mother is coming for a visit this week, and since the application is actually by her, she needs to sign it and add a copy of her driver's license.  I've done everything else.)
  • Call my grand uncle's step-daughter.  We had lost touch with him, and my mom and I would love to hear about the last years of his life.
  • Finish doing research on those individuals I learned about last week and hopefully, add them to my tree.
  • Proofread the Ranney typing I am gong to finish tonight and get it sent in.  
  • Start the next (last!) section of Ranney transcribing continuing at the rate of 3 pages a day.
I also have to do my Christmas cards, visit with my mother for two days, make two trips to Atlanta,  and do my usual chores... so I think the above is plenty for now!


  1. Great job in attaining your goals

  2. Liz, I really enjoy your blog so am awarding you the "Ancestor Approved Award." You can pick up the badge and find the details about the award at