Thursday, October 27, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy - Worst School Subject

Week 43:  Worst School Subject. What was your worst or least favorite subject in school and why?

 My least favorite schools subjects - and the ones I struggled in the most - were math and science.  I still don't like them today, which is probably why I struggle so much trying to understand DNA!  I find that I have forgotten a lot of my multiplication tables and am totally dependent on a calculator.  The first "C" I ever got on a report card was in 5th grade math.  That's how big an impression it made on me.  That and the fact my father went and spoke to my teacher about my grade.  That is the same year we discovered that I am nearsighted, and I started wearing glasses.  I could blame my poor grade in math on my not being able to see the chalkboard, but that wasn't it.  I am just bad at math.  Even though I have many left brain characteristics, being good at math is not one of them!  All those X's and Y's make no sense to me.

As I mentioned, I never cared for science, either.  Especially not biology.  I am not squeamish about much, but dissecting frogs did NOT appeal to me at all.  Maybe I'm too much of an animal lover.   Chemistry is too much like math, in my opinion.  I would much rather know when we landed on the moon than how the rocket got there. 

So, Ginger, when you are trying to explain DNA results to me, with words like genomes and chromosomes or acronyms like mtDNA, and my eyes glaze over... now you know why!

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